Pick up-Drive Back Customer Service.
We can pick you up from your Hotel the first day and drive you back the last day.
We do not deliver motorcycles or bicycles to your hotel. Some Motorcycles/Bicycles are too big or too small for the costumers. The same with the Helmets. We have a big varaity of Helmets and the best way to find which one is better for you, is to try them in our shop.

If you want to rent a motorcycle for more than 3 days we can pick you up from your hotel the first day and drive you back the last day.
The Pick up-Drive back customer service is only with appointments every day from 8:45 to 12:00 and from 16:30 to 20:00.

If your hotel is in Kolymbia this service is free of charge.

If your hotel is in Afantou, Stegna or Archangelos this service costs 5€ extra.

If your hotel is in Charaki, Psinthos, Vlycha, Kalathos, Eleousa, Kallithea or Faliraki, costs 10€ extra.

For all the rest places, Rhodes, Lindos, Pefki, Lardos, Lachania, Kiotari, Theologos, Ialisos, Paradeisi, Kremasti, Gennadi and Ixia costs 15€ extra.

We can not pick you up or drive you back from/to the airport.
1. Upon taking delivery of the motorbike, you acknowledge that the vehicle is in flawless operational condition
2. Upon entering the motorbike rental agreement, the lessee and co-rider are obligatorily supplied with protective headgear (helmets). The Motorbike Rental Agency waives whatever responsibility for damage or loss eventually to be suffered by whether the driver or the co-rider of the motorbike, if driving without donning such protective headgear.
3. The lessee will be fully responsible for accidents eventually caused by the rented motorbike throughout the term of effect of the motorbike rental agreement. Thus, the Agency will bear no liability whatsoever for damage and losses – material or other - eventually suffered by the rider, co-rider of the motorbike or by any third party. The only indemnities payable to any of such parties will be those eventually due under the Insurance Policy covering the motor-bike and its rider(s) and / or third parties, as the case may be.
4. The rider, co-rider and / or third parties will not be entitled to any indemnities and indeed may raise no claim whatsoever against the Motorbike Rental Agency for damage and losses suffered in case of accident, in the event of the rider, co-rider or third party being found to be under the influence of alcohol or narcotic substances.
5. Any fines to be imputed by the traffic police for infractions of the Vehicle Traffic Code – including but not limited to fines imputed for irregular parking of the motorbike – are solely and exclusively to be redeemed by the Lessee.
6. Any disputes eventually to arise in connection with the rental of the motorbike are solely and exclusively to be brought for settlement before the Courts of the City of Rhodes.
7. It is forbidden to remove the vehicle from the island.

The following text is written on our contract. If you like you can make the translation in your language so you know exactly what you are signing on the contract in our shop.
   Make a reservation!!!
By phone: +30 22410 56546  or send us an email: info@maxmoto.gr
Requirements for a motorcycle rental.
You must have experience on motorcycle driving!

European or international driving licence at least 1 year old for scooters and 2 years for motorbikes.

With driving licence category M or AM you can rent maximum 50cc.
With driving licence category A1 you can rent maximum 125cc.
With driving licence category A2 or A you can rent 150cc, 200cc, 250cc, 300cc, 400cc and 500cc.
Full insurance is included in the price with an excess of 100€ or 150€ or 200€ or 250€ depends on how expensive is the motorcycle. That means in case of an accident or damage of the motorcycle the excess is the maximum that you pay.

We do not require a deposit.


Scooter 50cc
Scooter 100-300cc
Motorbikes 125cc-300cc
Privacy Policy
We would like to thank all our customers and friends for their trust and support over the years.
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Tell: +30 22410 56546
E-mail: info@maxmoto.gr
If you want to make a reservation we need from you the following:
Name, Hotel, Mobile number, the motorcycle that you want and Pick-up/Drive-back date and time.

We don´t take any payment in advance for the reservation. You pay when we make the contract in our shop.

Minimum period for a reservation are the 3 days. If you want to rent a vehicle only for 1 or 2 days you can call us one evening before or visit our shop in Kolymbia and we can tell you what we have available at the time.
Road assistance
Road assistance is included in the price, from 9:00 in the morning till 21:00 in the evening.